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Shreveport lands 170 new jobs at airport

(May 2018) – Western Global Airlines, a cargo freight carrier, will create 170 new jobs over the next decade at the Shreveport Regional Airport for a maintenance hub to tend to its fleet.

“In Louisiana, our aerospace industry continues to grow with manufacturers, maintenance and repair facilities, industrial air transport companies, and our flagship NASA manufacturing site at Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said. “We’re excited to be bringing a company with the global reach of Western Global Airlines to Shreveport, where this project will boost the regional economy and provide compelling new career opportunities for our talented workforce.”

Western Global will operate in the 152,000-square-foot Hangar 40.

ExpressJet had occupied the hangar for its own maintenance hub since 2003, but left for Knoxville last year, eliminating 300 jobs.

West Global will tend to its fleet of 16 Boeing 747 and McDonnel Douglas MD-11 wide-body freighter aircraft.

The global company has outsourced its aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul before deciding to open its own shop in Shreveport.

“Western Global is pleased to select Shreveport for its worldwide aircraft heavy maintenance base,” James Neff, Western Global's founder and chief executive, said in a statement.

“Shreveport’s central location, abundant and competent workforce, and state-of-the-art large aircraft hangar makes it an ideal choice for WGA," he said. "We look forward to a very long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the city of Shreveport, the state of Louisiana and Louisiana Economic Development, where we can grow together and make Shreveport a center for aircraft maintenance.”

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