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Why AEROready™?

Your AEROready™ certification provides you with the tools you’ll need to recruit aerospace prospects. In addition to our fully-analyzed data, you will receive a complete recruiting plan ready for implementation, and a SWOT analysis as a guide to better prepare your community to win aerospace projects. Read more here.


What is AEROready™?

AEROready™ certification involves a deep analysis of items to ensure that regions, site and communities certified reduce risks for potential aerospace companies. Our certification validates the property as ready for an aerospace industry, that there is a supply of labor and opportunity, and that necessary infrastructure is in place. Read more here.


How to Become AEROready™?

Interested in generating aerospace-related prospect activity? Contact us to discuss our AEROready™ certification, and we will begin to work with you on our list of requirements for certification. You can view a list of these items here.

Our Aeroready Locations


Our Qualifications


The AEROready™ certification programs are conducted by a joint venture of Tucson Atlantic Consulting and Common Sense Economic Development. Our combined experience has assisted in the recruitment or expansion of numerous aerospace companies including the following:

  • Airbus
  • Eclipse Aviation
  • Boeing
  • Goodrich Aerostructures (UTC Corp.)
  • Crestview Aerospace
  • Aero Mark (CAS)
  • Fokker Technologies
  • Segers Aero Corp
  • Jamco-America
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Bell Helicopter (Textron)
  • Vector Aerospace/Eurocopter
  • DRS Technologies
  • MFG Galileo Composites
  • Commercial Jet, Inc.

AEROready™ certification programs


  • The AEROready certification is critical to our strategic planning efforts for long-term economic diversity and immediately impacted our recruitment efforts by helping us obtain dozens of meetings with aerospace and aviation industry executives.
    Chuck Sexton President & CEO, One East Kentucky
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